#! – a nimble OpenBox Linux Distro

For a long time, I always tried to use something that somebody told me that is fun, nice, it is what I was looking for.

But now, looking for what I would like to run in my computer, what I would like to customize and understand, I found the CrunchBang.

CrunchBang is a lightweight Linux distribution, with OpenBox and some customization to help the usability.

To me it is perfect, with a clean desktop, some shortcuts to access the most common used application and run what I need to run.

Now, I’m running it at home and at work, with a customized conkyrc and tint2rc, like you can see below:



Some characteristics that I liked:

  1. Very simple install process
  2. Clean installation
  3. cb-welcome.sh : a script that runs in the first login and help new users to update the system an install packages normally used, like:
    1. Office
    2. Development packages
    3. Java
    4. SSH server
    5. LAMP
    6. Debian packaging tools

After install, I upgraded the packages to use versions available in SID, because the last release of #! is the Waldorf, based on Debian Wheezy. But I didn’t like to keep using a 3.2 Kernel Linux.

To proceed with the dist-upgrade, the #! community have a very nice post.

This is my suggestion of Linux Distribution to use at this moment.


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